“I have had the pleasure of working with Bevla for over 2 years in which time she has proved herself to be extremely capable and resourceful at flipping properties.

She is constantly looking at ways to save money, stick to budgets and getting projects done in a timely manner, all whilst keeping the quality and standards to the highest possible degree.
My company embraces a strong emphasis on design when remodeling a home and Bevla has come to fit in very well with that.
We are constantly challenging each other to make our remodeled homes current, contemporary and livable while still maintaining the profitability of the deal.  

Bevla has stepped up her game on all these levels and has challenged me to step up my own game.

On a personal level Bevla is reliable, trustworthy and a joy to work with. She has excellent organizational skills and loves to implement time lines and systems wherever possible.”

Its Flipping Simple

“I’m an out-of-state investor with operations in the Phoenix market. Always one to be proactive, we became acquainted after Bevla reached out to me and my business partner.

I am pleased to say she is currently rehabbing a 4th project for us. Bevla’s work ethic, creativity, and time management are always impressive.

She recently brought us a Phoenix wholesale deal. On this project, she also handled design and managed production. This property sold quickly and above asking price.

We’re very grateful to Bevla for her multiple roles in a project which surpassed it’s initial P&L projection.
She cares about saving us money without sacrificing quality. We know our properties are in good hands under her supervision.

Whenever we have called on her to assist with local urgent matters that we can’t tend to due to distance, she has moved quickly to ensure matters are handled properly and efficiently.

Our ongoing relationship with Bevla has led us to conclude that she is someone who is always working to improve her knowledge and skills. This ongoing improvement of her skill set has been a tremendous benefit to our company.

When we consider projects in Phoenix, we think of Bevla first. She works extremely hard and goes above and beyond our expectations. Her passion for real estate and helping others is very apparent.

She’s smart, loyal and eager to contribute. We consider her an asset to our business and trust her.”

Rocking Horse Redevelopment

“I’ve known Bevla for seven+ years. We met in 2006, after we’d both become licensees and regional leaders of a nationally renowned company that helps women entrepreneurs develop and sustain thriving businesses.  

Although I was the leader of a very small market, Bevla was at the helm of one of the country’s biggest–the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

With literally no assistance, Bevla built that market from the ground up, with her trademark drive, work ethic, humor and grace.

Her hundreds of loyal members grew to love her spirit and respect her opinions. She was regularly sought out by other leaders of the company for her no-nonsense attitude and levelheaded advice.

She is an exceptional leader not just because people listen to her, but because she inspires people to listen to themselves.

For all of these reasons, I count Bevla as one of my close personal friends. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Whitney Roberts, Esq.

“I have known Bevla Reeves for over six years, and I’ve seen her operate in both professional and personal settings. She holds herself to the highest level of integrity, always doing what she says she will do and when she will do it.

Bevla has an infectious, positive spirit and outlook on life, and I have seen her go out of her way countless times to help others succeed.

Bevla is that rare person that can get “it” done, with a smile on her face, in half the time, with friendliness, honesty and great communication.

I always leave our conversations feeling better than when we first began.

Bevla deserves and receives my highest recommendation.”